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"Hey Jaden!" Micheal called out.  Jaden was in his office and barely heard his coworker, and friend, call out to him.  Jaden stuck his head out of his doorway and saw Micheal coming at him with a young female following.  Jaden assumed she must be the new hire and prepared himself for an introduction.  

"This is Ariah." Micheal announced.  "She's going to be the new second hand when you go on your investigations.  I figured it'd be good for you two to get to know each other, and since you're break is coming up soon, I thought it'd be a great idea for you two to catch up over lunch."  Ariah was small in stature, Jaden noticed.  She had long dark brown hair that flowed around her lightly tanned skin.  

"That's a great idea," I agreed.  "What do you say Ariah?"

"Of course." She replied.

Jaden held up his pointer finger to indicate to Ariah to wait a moment.  Then he turned back to his office and grabbed his tan coat and brown fedora that he always loved to wear. "Off we go then," Jaden said.  "I know the perfect place."

Jaden drove them to a little restaurant only a few blocks from their work.  He would have suggested to walk but they only had a 45 minute break and he didn't want to chance making her late to get back to work.  They found a table, ordered their food and began small talking.

"So," Jaden began.  "Where are you from then?"

"New jersey, actually.  I had moved there a few years prior.  But I'm originally from Iowa." Ariah looked up, noticing the waiter had already come with their meal.  She was surprised at how fast it was ready.  "Oh, thank you," she said to the waiter. She turned back to Jaden.  "What about you?"

Jaden grabbed the ketchup and squirted it next to his chicken fingers.  "Here.  Born and raised, unfortunately."

Ariah giggled.  "Why do you say that?  I think it's beautiful here.  Much more to look at then in Iowa.  And everyone here seems to since compared to New Jersey."

Jaden laughed too. "Yeah, I suppose bad memories have put a bad taste in my mouth for this place.  You know, girls dumping you, a mother leaving you, plenty of things that just make me sometimes want to leave."

"But you don't?"

"Yeah, i guess even a part of me doesnt really want to leave.  I do have friends here, and my dad. Plus I get paid too well right now to decide to just leave."

"You could always try transferring."

"maybe..." Jaden paused to eat some of his food.  Ariah joined in.  It was a very quiet afternoon and they both were enjoying the peace.  

"So, what made you decide to come here?"  Jaden muffled after scarfing half his plate.

"I had a job offer, nothing going for me in jersey, and had been wanting to move for awhile.  I'm just happy I got the job offer before I ended up just moving back in with my parents."

They had a little more small talk, finished up their meals, and walked drove back to work.  Ariah thanked Jaden for the lunch and headed back to complete the rest of her paperwork.  Jaden had a meeting to attend to in an hour, and began preparing for it.  

Jaden didn't see Ariah for the rest of his shift.  He had figured she got to leave early, and went looking for Micheal. Micheal was in his office still, with his eyes glues to his computer screen.

"Hey man," Jaden said once spotting him.  "We going to Rube's tonight?"  Normally on Friday nights Jaden and Micheal go out to the bar Rube's and have a few drinks to wind down from the week of stress. Micheal shook his head.

"Sorry Jade, can't tonight.  I got a few papers I need to write and I'd rather get them done now then wait until Sunday to do them.  It'll probably be a late night for me tonight."  Micheal grumbled. "But, you know." He said sarcastically cheery.  "If you want to hang out i'm sure I can find you something to do here.  Earn some overtime."

"Nope!" Jaden yelped and turn to leave.  He knew Micheal was messing with him, but he didn't want to take the chance of him actually finding him something to do.  "I'll just catch you later."
Jaden (title yet to be determined)
A Story about a young adult who wakes up and soon realizes he's dead.
I will be periodically posting different parts of this story on here until I decide to combined all my random sections into a full story.  To set up the story, My character, in this story, is a recently divorced man who moved to a new town for a sense of freedom.  But the first night he arrives he is attacked by a werewolf and begins experiencing changes of his own. 

(first draft)

I needed to get home.  My head was spinning and I couldn't breathe.  I tried to run but I kept staggering to the ground.  I fell to my knees, for a moment, but forced myself back to my feet.  My house was still three, maybe four blocks away.  It was hard to tell.  My vision began to blur.  It felt like i had just taken multiple shots of absinthe in a row.

My vision came clear for a moment and I could see my home three houses down.  I felt an instant of relief before I found myself tumbling to my knees again.  Determined to get home, I started crawling.  I felt the cold grass touch my hands as I removed myself from the road.  I was so close... but too late...

I groaned as I felt my body changing.  I heard the now all to familiar sounds of my bones cracking and re-positioning.  I knew there was nothing I could do. I prayed that no one had followed me when I ran or was watching me.  I gave in and let the change take over.  I was gone.
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I love drawing. A majority of my drawings are surreal or of characters I've made up. :) Hope you enjoy :D

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